Whether you are a builder, landscape gardener, public works firm or a local authority, our DYNAMIC’S hydraulic hookloaders (D20/D25-D30/CS040/CS050) can be a real versatile and high-performance tool. They are adapted to all market vehicles, from pick-ups to 7.5 T trucks. Our hooklifts will allow you to handle and transport all types of Class 1 bodies, such as dump bodies, containers, van bodies, trailers, watering equipment, boxes, etc. The hookloaders lift bodies of between 2 T and 5.5 T, depending on the model selected.

These are 100% CORNUT products, designed in our design office and manufactured in our workshops.

We adapt our services to meet your needs:

– If you are the end user or vehicle distributor: we can offer a comprehensive bodymount service

– If you are a bodybuilder or manufacturer: we send you a ready-to-mount kit.


DYNAMIC'S Hookloaders, fully designed and manufactured by CORNUT