Adaptation on light and heavy duty vehicles: the foundation of our expertise

The history and development of our company are intrinsically linked to adaptation work.

Our business evolved with the mounting and distribution of electric retarders. This partnership with Telma has allowed us to work directly with many manufacturers and gain in-depth knowledge of vehicles.

Our goal is to adapt your vehicle to its specific use, in close collaboration with manufacturers.

Adaptation: a whole range of work on vehicles

Our areas of expertise:

• Unloading equipment: hydrocarbon pumps, chemical pumps, compressors for dry flowables, chemical compressors

• Adaptation of slow vehicles: reduction gears, hydrostatic forward motion

• Adaptation for special transport: winches, trunks, fifth wheel, underframe, etc.

• Chassis modification: extension, shortening or lowering, development of central tube frames, work on industrial gas vehicles

• Technical equipment: vehicle retarders, hydraulic equipment, Robson Drive, etc.

• ADR compliance work for standard vehicles (transport of hazardous substances)