Cornut: an industrial vehicle body fitter at your service

Your needs for heavy duty vehicle equipment differ depending on your business (haulage, construction work, manufacturing, etc.). As industrial vehicle body fitters, we offer a bespoke service and a wide range of products from leading equipment manufacturers. We market cranes for all handling requirements, as well as dump bodies and mobile cradles. We also design tailor-made trailers in our design office and workshops.

DYNAMIC’S, our own brand of hydraulic hooklifts designed and manufactured in our workshops, allows you to equip your light and/or heavy duty vehicles with top-quality industrial body equipment.

A customised after-sales service is provided for each piece of equipment installed.

Your industrial vehicle body project within easy reach

Whatever the type of vehicle, whether light or heavy duty, we are qualified to equip it in compliance with applicable safety standards and according to the requirements of your business. Our industrial vehicle body experts carefully study the feasibility of your project and offer solutions compatible with your vehicles and applicable regulations.

We can provide services on light duty vehicles of less than 3.5 T, and on heavy duty vehicles up to 32 T. We also provide a professional breakdown service for all our equipment. Our industrial bodywork specialists can also provide training in equipment use.