A square dump body for multiple applications

The square dump body is above all modular.

Our range includes:

  • A dump body with fixed, non-fold down sides
  • A transport dump body with fold-down side panels for side loading/unloading
  • Two-way and three-way dump bodies for tipping on one or both sides.

Each dump body meets specific technical and safety requirements. A dump truck with a crane must meet regulatory standards, particularly in terms of vehicle mount and weight.

All our products have been selected for their durability and quality of finish. Our multipurpose, adjustable dump bodies can be custom optimised with a whole range of options. From our design office through to assembly in our workshops, we set great store by the quality of our equipment integration onto your vehicle. We offer optimised, high-performance equipment combinations, such as a dump truck with auxiliary crane. Our teams of professionals are attentive to your needs to provide you with a secure, reliable solution.



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Square dump body for transporting various goods

The shape of the square body makes it ideal for carrying bulk materials:

• Sand – mud

• Grit

• Plant mix – Finisher

• Rip-rap

• Mobile homes – Containers

• Pallets

• Miscellaneous waste

• Green waste

• Scrap metal

Combined with a crane, the dump trucks can be used for door-to-door delivery of pallets, mobile homes and containers.

We have all the models you need for your business. Our dump bodies adapt to the dimensions of the truck, with or without a crane.