A range of bodies for light duty vehicles

Our range of bodies for light duty vehicles up to 7.5T GVW consists of:

  • End dump bodies with rear dumping only
  • Two- and three-way dump bodies for rear and side dumping

Our products are either made of

  • steel for guaranteed robustness
  • or aluminium to optimise the payload

We offer quality, robust, high-performance and multi-purpose products. And we can customise them with various options, including platforms, storage trunks and tool carriers.

Beyond the light duty truck body itself, we pay special attention to studying your project, integrating the equipment and mounting it onto your vehicle. We study your project to optimise your work tool based on the vehicle category and the operations concerned. Each body will add value to your vehicle, and create value for your business.



A multi-purpose body

These truck bodies for light duty vehicles can be used to carry and dump various types of materials. They are designed for:

  • Building Firms
  • Public Works Contractors
  • Local Authorities
  • Landscape gardeners, etc.

If you are looking for a truck body for your light duty vehicle, tell us about your project and we will offer a solution fully suited to your trade.