Multi-Purpose Handling Cranes

CORMACH cranes meet medium and heavy load needs. Ranging from 4 to 575 tm, they feature some major advantages:

– in-line loading facilitates product use and increases crane compactness;

– the slew bearing assembly allows greater precision in cylinder rotation;

– on heavy load cranes, integrated bases limit the height of the crane.


CORMACH cranes are robust, ergonomic products with a proven design. Before implementation, we conduct technical studies to offer you an optimal, customised working tool with optional add-ons possible. We then carry out the body-to-chassis mounting in our own workshops so that we master the whole process. In addition to the crane itself, we pay great attention to the integration onto the vehicle. The slightest detail is studied to provide you with a bespoke product fully geared to your requirements.



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CORMACH cranes are recognised for their technical qualities and durability in handling. They are used for supplying materials, load lifting, breakdown services, and as auger cranes.

Watch the films of our latest CORMACH crane assemblies!